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Welcome to Clearflow Australia

Clearflow Australia specialises in pigging and air scouring for the maintenance of any pipeline.

We have designed and introduced preventative maintenance programmes in water reticulation systems, allowing councils and clients the latitude of directing staff to attend pressing assignments or situations, without neglecting routine maintenance procedures.

With the ongoing demands on resources, environmentally and economically, it has become increasingly difficult for councils and water authorities to continue with preventive maintenance programmes.

The growth of our communities is continuing at such a rate that keeping up with the infrastructure to meet these demands is stretching the human resources of experienced personnel within the organisation. This means the preventative programmed maintenance of the infrastructure systems are moved further down the lists of priorities.

The introduction of our programmes ensures valves and hydrants are in top working order, and are not wasting litres of water each year or, in the case of fire hydrants, meet the appropriate standards, and property or lives are not compromised.

The introduction of our programmes ensures the delivery of water through the pipelines to the consumers is free of bio-films and bacteria, reducing dirty water complaints and chemical usage whilst increasing the hydraulics and protecting the environment.

Clearflow Australia provides sound management with valuable years of experience in the water industry. Our knowledge of water reticulation maintenance and the mobilisation of our crews provide clients an edge in maintaining a well planned works programme.


"Thanks David.  I actually had someone tell me this week that the water tastes so much better now that they don’t need a filter, so that makes a nice change from all the complaints. ... >more>

Deanne Eaton - Manager Water & Waste
Tenterfield Shire Council

"  … a very impressive operation – for an increase in production cycles as high as 15% is a great saving to plant operations .. we fully endorse this method of increasing flow rates ...>more> "

Michael Sygrove - Consulting Engineer
Connell Wagner, Brisbane

" Byron Shire had a major water leak in the main reservoir in the town of Mullumbimby. We did not want to dump any water and did not want an internal entry if it could be avoided. I contacted Clearflo ...>more> "

Neil Ulrick - Distribution Coordinator
Byron Shire Council

" Clearflow has recently completed an Air Scouring Programme in the Shire. Thank you for the works you have completed so far; it is satisfying to see a job that can be time consuming and somewhat dif ...>more> "

Kate Johnson - Projects Officer / Water Services
Banana Shire Council

"We engaged Clearflow Australia to clean a raw water pipeline that had not been cleaned since being commissioned in 1990. Their professional approach and knowledge of pipeline pigging was proven ...>more>"

Shane Butler - Facilities & Services Overseer
Etheridge Shire Council

"Extremely impressed with the results and with the water quality now being delivered to the customer. Also grateful for the additional information Clearflow passed on regarding the reticulation system whilst undertaking the Air Scouring programme ...>more>"

Rupert Wall - Treatment Plant Co-ordinator & Works Supervisor
Gwidir Shire Council

They approached their work in a logical and thorough manner and not only cleaned the reticulation but logged all problems to ensure Council had a record of all remedial works required. This has led to a far more structured maintenance program ...>more>"

David Hume - Asset Manager
Cootamundra Shire Council

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