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There is constant pressure on authorities in maintaining quality standards to our water supply and at the same time encouraging water wise usage: but still there are adverse readings, higher than accepted standards of bio-film and bacteria readings in our water.

A popular solution; increase chemicals. But...why compound a quality problem?

Air Scouring is a proven method of removing unwanted bio-films and sediment buildup from water mains; it solves dirty water complaints, it uses less water,reduces chemical usage and is up to 8 times more effective than a laborious Flushing Programme.

It involves injecting filtered compressed air into the mains forcing a series of air slugs into the water flow in the mains. The slug scours away the silt and sediments whilst the water expels the waste through a surface outlet.

With the combination of Air and Water under pressure traveling through the pipeline being expelled through a controlled outlet creates such a scouring effect it actually removes all unwanted buildup of growth. This allows the normal amount of chemical usage to do its' job allowing it to travel to the extremities and produce the correct readings in water quality.

The combination of Air and Water under pressure is monitored closely through the appropriate gauges. The filters remove any trace of contaminates from the compressed air and the air injected into the mains is tasteless, odor free and at breathing air standard. Air filters are continuously tested to Safe Air Guidlines through recognised Safe-Air Quality Test Units.