Clearflow Australia Celebrates 20 Years!

Clearflow Celebrates 20 Years!Over 1 Million Kilometres of Refurbishing and Maintaining Pipeline Infrastructure ... 20 years of Solving Complex Pipeline Issues and Problems.

Since its humble beginnings operating one team, Clearflow Australia has flourished, growing, adding specialist equipment, perfecting services and gaining a 20-year advantage.

Clearflow Australia remains a small progressive company but experienced in refurbishing pipelines, removing surplus substance, natural growth and/or hard scale build-up from the internal bores of pipelines. Solving problems that differ so much across the pipeline industry spectrum, where “standard” or “proprietary” or even the “latest be-all-and-end-all” methods will not perform and are proving to be time, financially or environmentally inefficient.

Operationally, Clearflow Australia has great flexibility in decision-making and is responsive to emergency situations, ensuring our clients receive unrivalled attention.  

Since its inception, Clearflow Australia has continued to develop and introduce unique, specialist pipeline cleaning methodology and equipment for our procedural on-site Air scouring and Pigging services, and continue to work successfully with leading councils, mining and oil and gas majors, Australia-wide.

Over 20 Years, Clearflow Australia has faced off  …

  • Droughts
  • Economic Downtowns
  • Changing Industry and Work Place Demands
  • Changing Industry and Customer Infrastructure
  • Changing Environment Conditions, Demands and Expectations
  • Changing Personnel Within Customer Departments
  • Changing Consumer Expectations
  • Meeting Water Quality Supply Standards of Australia
  • Changing With Industry to Advance Methodology and Procedures
  • Accepting Prevailing Competition to the Industry - Introduction and Eventual Departures

Over 20 Years, Clearflow Australia has adapted to prevailing priorities and methodologies …

  • Extended Customer Data Base
  • Extending and Modernising Equipment to Meet Industry Demands
  • Consultation to Solving Complex Cleaning Problems within the industry
  • Execution of Methodologies and Procedures in Solving Complex Cleaning Problems Within the Industry
  • Consultation to Infrastructure Engineers
  • Consultation to Commissioning of Pipelines Across the Industry
  • Consultation to the Improvement of Reticulation Water Systems
  • Training Personnel to Procedures and the Necessity of Maintaining Proper Reticulation Systems
  • Consultation to Pigging Systems and Pigging Solutions
  • Design Fabrication and Execution of Pigging Solutions

Revitalising pipelines and returning them to their commissioned state is our business.

Clearflow Australia provides solutions to complex pipeline cleaning problems, approaching each of its projects individually to ensure that tailor-made solutions always work as effectively as possible, ensuring client and consumer satisfaction.

We haven’t lost sight of our traditional core values and our motto “The Advantage of Experience” is at the very heart of our firm. Clearflow Australia’s knowledge of the industry spans nationally and internationally. By working closely with well-established international partners throughout USA and Europe we have transferred this knowledge and experience to Australian conditions and circumstances: resulting in dedicated, disciplined, displays of success.

Air Scouring or Pigging …

Clearflow Australia utilises the right methodology to suit the circumstances. Clearflow Australia has … the Advantage of Experience.

What our Valued Clients say …

"Dave and Team:  Congratulations on 20 years of improving the quality of the water that is supplied to thousands of residents over numerous water utilities. Clearflow Australia’s professional approach to their work, experience and regard for all WH+S obligations has not only got them this far, but will no doubt propel them long into the future. Thank you and I look forward to working with you in the years to come."

Neil Ulrick - Senior Water Operator Infrastructure Services
Byron Shire Council

"I found your company staff very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. We had some difficult situations that were contributed to lack of information on the pipeline being cleaned and the staff were always helpful with them. This was really appreciated that the contractor would do above and beyond the contract to help use solve the issues."

Ross Palmer - Water Sewer Coordinator

“Having worked with Clearflow on an extensive pipeline air scouring project, Dave Elderfield’s knowledge and experience in the industry is very clear from planning the works, right through to the execution of the works including solid stakeholder and public customer consultation.”

Mick Hawtin - Civil Engineer
Lower Murray Water

"The professionalism and flexibility shown by Clearflow to carry out this work for UGLK was a major part in this work being carried out and completed, the timescale we had in place to procure a pigging company's services was limited however David and his team responded instantly and provided the support we required to carry out these works on time and in a safe manner, hopefully we will work again in the not too distant future. Thanks for all your support."

John McShane - Field Site Manager

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