Clearflow Pigging Solutions

Clearflow is often asked ... is it possible to clean this pipeline?

With 20 years of pigging pipeline knowledge, Clearflow provides solutions to complex pipeline cleaning problems, including:
  • Commissioning pipelines for new gas plants before positioning and connection to the plant;
  • Removing heavy carbon baked on scale of heater exchange pipeline with multiple 180 degree bends;
  • Removing sand, mussel and sea shell from pipelines 30m below the sea surface running 1000m off shore; and,
  • Removing built up sludge from seepage pits and pipelines deep underground in traffic tunnels crisscrossing city limits. 
These are just some of the complicated issues Clearflow has faced and solved:

Is it possible?        
Yes it’s possible.

Each task has a completely different aspect to the methodology.

All projects must be addressed separately, involving:
  • The mechanics of getting the pig into the pipeline;
  • Moving it along the pipeline: what is required to move the pig along the pipeline? and
  • What type of pig is required to complete the above, cover the distance and achieve the desired results?

Clearflow approaches each of its projects separately to ensure that tailor-made solutions always work as effectively as possible, ensuring client and consumer satisfaction. <read more>

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