Clearflow Australia not only cleans pipelines ...

… our considerable experience of water reticulation systems and working with water flows within those systems provides us the knowledge of rectifying problems.

Clearflow Australia is continuingly asked: Is there any way of improving the current systems?

Air scouring, Pigging or Swabbing of pipelines eliminates dirty water, bio-film and bacterial contaminates, and improves pump cycles. Performing these operations means knowing your system.

When working these operations we must know how your reticulation system works and at times it is quite obvious to us how it could be improved. We are also well aware of economic restraints and believe in endeavouring to keep it simple.

With over 20 years of working with water reticulation systems Australia wide, and with our alliance partners in Australia and Flowmore Pigging Services in USA, we collectively have over 100 years experience.

Clearflow has established a vast knowledge of not only identifying problems within the system but recommending ways of rectifying them.

Continuous dirty water complaints or restricted water flows may be caused from within the design of the existing reticulation system, and with a few changes and a few extra fittings these problems could be eliminated.

We have, on a number of occasions, fitted a pig station in an existing main, specifically designed for long lasting use and easy access. Simple design, user friendly and is there for regular maintenance crews to keep on top of any bacterial bio-film contaminates and keep the reticulation system working as it should.This helps eliminate mains breaks and continues to deliver quality water to the consumer.

Clearflow Australia is available to be specifically assigned to assess your water reticulation system and to report accordingly.