Environmental Policy

Clearflow Australia has a commitment when undertaking projects to abide by the Environmental Policies of the day and to keep abreast of Best Practice Guidelines.

The introduction of our programmes ensures valves and hydrants are in top working order, and are not wasting litres of water each year. Or in the event of fire hydrants, meet the appropriate standards, and property or lives are not compromised.

The introduction of our programmes ensures the delivery of water through the pipelines to the consumers is free of bio-films and bacteria, reducing dirty water complaints and chemical usage whilst increasing the hydraulics and protecting the environment.

The solvents, water treatment and cleaning agents used by Clearflow Australia meet stringent criteria in an environmentally safe manner, and minimise exposure to occupational health and safety issues.

We have spent many hours with the EPP, EPA and Waterways Urban Development, and make provisions for the filtering of discharge water, and where possible will direct it over natural or grassed areas. Where this is not a feasible option, we erect sediment barrier dams to stem the flow and filter the water through the fences.

Clearflow Australia's policy is to protect the environment and at the same time successfully complete carefully planned maintenance programmes. This continually builds our reputation in the community and is in the best interest of both clients and the public.