History of Clearflow

Clearflow Australia has its foundation in personnel and firms associated with the maintenance of pipelines for over two decades, and with water reticulation systems for the past 12 years.

With the introduction of the Air Scouring process, initiated in the UK, the company was re-launched as Clearflow Australia in 1995.

Since that time Clearflow Australia has expanded its knowledge and experience in technology and service.

Specialising in maintaining and cleaning water reticulation systems associated with Councils and Water Authorities has led to the invitation to consultation of proper procedures and contract documents, and the implementation of programmed procedures on behalf of these Authorities and other organisations.

The introduction of our programmes has aided in improving the delivery of water quality as well as the maintenance of valve and hydrant fittings, ensuring safety standards and emergency procedures can be met and the possibility of litigation is eliminated.

The refurbishment pipelines via modern technology and experience has elevated Clearflow Australia to one of the most respected companies in the field of preventive programme maintenance.

Our organisation has developed an enviable reputation for professionalism and quality in building effective client relationships and providing quality solutions for complex problems.