Maintenance Plans

Clearflow Australia's Asset Management programmes.

These Programmes are designed to allow Councils and clients the latitude of directing staff to attend more pressing assignments or situations, without neglecting routine maintenance procedures.

Treatment plant malfunctions allowing turbidity and microbiological break through, burst mains replacement works, open service basins, seasonal flow/pressure variations, deteriorating old mains, irregular tank cleaning programmes and poor mains system designs all contribute to sediment build-up, water discolouration and microbiological regrowth within mains supply systems.

Refurbishing reticulation water systems will solve dirty water complaints and effectively remove all loose and most bacteriological accumulated slime, sludge, manganese and general encrustation. It will improve flow rates, reduce chemical usage and can eliminate costly pipeline replacement.

Water Infrastructure Diagnosis

Clearflow Australia can provide a comprehensive inspection and assessment of your reticulation system including:

  • internal and external hydrant inspection and operation
  • valve inspection and operation
  • pressure readings and flow tests
  • leak detection
  • deficiency reports
  • feasibility reports for pipe rehabilitation programme

Preventative Pipeline Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance Programmes for both reticulations and large trunk mains ensure cost-effective asset management and reduce the need for unexpected, large budget allocations required for replacement.

Hydrant and Valve Maintenance Flow and Pressure Testing of Hydrants

These services incorporate the repair and refurbishment, flow reading and restoration of valves and hydrants. Lost water is lost money and that makes leak detection and repair essential. There is now a lot of attention attributed to hydrants causing unnecessary problems simply due to the lack of maintenance. Full detailed report is tabled on completion of the operations.

Reservoir Maintenance Programme

This service incorporates cleaning the internal walls of the reservoir, inspecting internal fittings and linings for corrosion and making good the reservoir for storage and delivery of quality water. Recommendations for the renewal of fittings or internal linings will be determined during the operations. An assessment is made on the internal condition of the tank and a report provided.

All our services programmes are available individually or collectively as part of a Multiple Service Package.