Preventative Maintenance Programmes

Clearflow Australia's Asset Management programmes

Clearflow Australia has a commitment to quality and is constantly in pursuit to improve our service and asset management programmes. Although we specialise in cleaning and maintaining pipelines, the extent and flexibility of our service portfolio is a definite advantage to clients and Councils when pressure situations take precedence over Programmed Maintenance.

Our programmes are designed to allow clients the latitude of directing their staff to attend more pressing assignments or situations, without neglecting routine maintenance procedures. Outsourcing the maintenance of water reticulation systems has several advantages to the client:

  • Cost-effective asset management and reduced large-budget capital spending
  • Professional efficient maintenance programs
  • Lighter administrative requirements
  • Controlled cost of maintenance
  • Attention to environmental and health and safety issues
  • Continuous upgrading or improvement to the facility
  • Meeting the quality expectations of the consumers.

A systematically planned maintenance program can also provide significant added benefits in optimising the management and knowledge of water supply assets. In addition to cleaning the water reticulation systems, it provides the additional opportunity to collect and update important system asset information, including:

  • Identifying system water quality hotspots
  • Locating unlined or deteriorating sections of mains for refurbishment
  • Locating inoperable hydrants and valves for replacement
  • Identifying critical valves and hydrants for rectification
  • Updating identification systems
  • Updating hard copy mains plans with accurate base information

With over 20 years' experience with water reticulation systems and pipeline maintenance, these procedures are an extensive part of our Asset Management and Pipeline Maintenance Portfolio.

All our services programmes are available individually or collectively as part of a Multiple Service Package.