Map Rectification

Systems Check & Map Rectification

Clearflow Australia forms ranks with your maps and system!

Correcting maps is part of operational procedures for Clearflow.

Existing maps and GPS systems are only as good as past records allow or the information provided for the systems is correct.

Clearflow ensures the current reticulation system is tested to be correct and corresponds with existing maps.

On numerous occasions we come across maps that are incorrect. They are just not as is indicated or as is, on the ground.

It is quite common to find the water flow is not how it has been assumed and therefore definitely not as the maps are indicating. Unless council has a major maintenance problem or rectification these discrepancies go undetected and could cost time, money and inconvenience to consumers.

During Clearflow’s programme maintenance procedures these discrepancies are detected, proven and corrected on the existing maps.

No matter what our programmed maintenance operation is: we must know exactly how the system works.

Not only are you getting pipelines refurbished and cleaned of debris, bacteria bio-film, and potentially harmful e-coli bodies but your system is proved and your maps corrected.

Air Scouring or Pigging water pipelines within a reticulation system means we must know:

  • where all the valves are
  • which valve does what
  • where the hydrants are
  • where the water come from
  • where the water goes.

Our programmed maintenance procedures and methodology ensures the system is correct.

Maybe valuable personnel retire or just move on; they can take so much knowledge of the water system with them, leaving current staff unsure of how the system works.

Clearflow can rectify this problem.

Clearflow Australia is available to be specifically assigned to assess your water reticulation system and to report accordingly.