Any obstruction in a pipeline effects flow... this is a problem!

The mining industry has continuous problems with the removal of tailings from the mine base. The vehicle for removing the tailings is usually liquid, water. Getting water for potable use or otherwise is via pipelines, or it must be transported. Most mine sites are remote, and water not always conveniently accessible and must be pumped, via pipelines. When the flow in these pipelines slows it is usually crucial to operations! A risk to business!

If the internal bore is reduced in size, either by heavy solids or slurry and slime that have started to adhere to the internal bore, then they must be removed. Restricted flow: slows efficiency, slows production, slows pumps!  If efficiency is compromised, it increases maintenance and it increases costs. The pipelines must be cleaned.

Clearflow uses specifically designed high-tech pigs, along with precise methodology procedures, to remove these inefficiencies.

Clearflow will successfully clean these pipelines, restore flow rates, improve pump cycles, reduce operational and business risks and help meet relating schedules.

Gas Pressure Delivery Pipelines and Station Pipelines

Dewatering - Cleaning - Drying - Dewpoint Readings

Refurbishing, cleaning or commissioning gas pipelines are precise procedures. These procedures must meet crucial Scope of Works Guidelines and Schedules for High Pressure Gas pipelines.

Clearflow meets these specialised challenges. Using our high-tech pigs designed and fabricated for this proficiency of methodology of procedures (see link).

Using these specially designed high-tech pigs for the cleaning of all types of pipelines means we can incorporate pig runs up to 80km or more, resulting in limited downtime, less preparation, low man hours, reduced costs - all beneficial within the Gas and Mining Industries.

Using precise calculations and professional expertise, Clearflow delivers this exacting procedure successfully, and without compromise.