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Australian Local Government Yearbook | Issue 23 : 2016

The Advantage of Experience! 

"Clearflow approaches each of its projects individually to ensure that tailor-made solutions and procedures always work as effectively as possible, ensuring customer satisfaction."

Clearflow Australia is one of Australia’s premier pipeline cleaning and maintenance operations.      We have been servicing the Australian pipeline industry for over 20 years.

Pipeline Solutions

Clearflow Australia provides Air Scouring and Pigging solutions to complex pipeline cleaning problems, including:
  • Commissioning new pipelines;
  • Removing heavy-carbon baked-on scale from the internal bore;
  • Removing sand, mussel and sea shell from offshore pipelines;
  • Removing built up sludge from seepage pits and underground pipelines;
  • Refurbishing water reticulation systems.

Industry Experience

Clearflow Australia has built a large client base and brings its knowledge, experience and professionalism across industries, including:
  • Councils, water authorities and government departments;
  • Mining and gas companies;
  • Plants and constructin sites;
  • Project, civil and consulting engineers;
  • Industrial, commercial and everything associated with a pipeline asset.

The Clearflow Advantage

Value-adding to your maintenance program, giving you an edge in maintaining your valuable assets.

· upfront   · competitive   · all-inclusive

A little extra service can make a difference in your next project!

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