Clearflow Australia specialises in providing solutions for cleaning and programmed maintenance of water pipelines and associated reticulated systems.

The scope of services has expanded beyond cleaning to include the entire preventative maintenance process. Consultation, cleaning and maintenance, together with asset management programmes, are available individually or collectively as part of a Multiple Services Package.

There is no substitute for experience when dealing with reticulation maintenance. Excellence in the execution of the service and maintenance requires experience. Our services are focussed to assist clients in strategic asset management of expensive pipeline infrastructure, including not just maintenance and repairs, but also reduction in public health risks and elimination of bio-hazards.

With over 20 years’ experience with water reticulation systems and pipeline maintenance, we are well positioned to offer expertise and professional methods of operation in this area, or any other service within our operation.

Central to our success has been our close working relationship with our clients. Essentially we are the single source required to deliver services to the most exacting client requirements. It is in the details that we make the difference. Our capable and experienced team understands the unique needs of water reticulation systems and pipeline maintenance, and through this understanding we tailor our programmes to efficiently complete the project.

Clearflow Australia has a commitment to quality and is constantly in pursuit of improving our services and asset management programmes. The extent and flexibility of our service portfolio is a definite advantage to clients and councils when pressure situations take precedence over programmed maintenance.
  • Consultation & planning for improvements to existing water reticulation systems
  • Programmed pipeline cleaning and refurbishing operations
  • Progressive pigging of all size mains with special attention to raw water mains
  • Air scouring of the internal bore of smaller mains
  • Design and fabrication of in-line launchers to suit all size mains
  • Design and fabrication of permanent in-launchers as required
  • Design and manufacture of all types of pigs to suit conditions and circumstances.
  • Programmed valve and hydrant refurbishment, and maintenance rectification.
  • Reservoir cleaning and maintenance including domestic
  • Flow and pressure testing existing infrastructure systems
  • Commissioning of new water mains, pressure testing and chlorinating
  • Cutting-in new fittings or the replacement of old
  • Broken water mains repairs
  • Water meter installations, replacement or repairs
The correct methodology and the procedures of execution are important in obtaining optimum results for all sizes of pipeline.

Our Service Portfolio is extensive and highlights a truly professional Asset Management and Pipeline Maintenance Programme.