Strategic Partners

Clearflow Australia enjoys long standing relationships with many of its partner groups. The company’s consultant partners, suppliers and industry partners can count on the commitment to create mutually beneficial relationships as we work toward a common objective.

Our professionalism is complemented with the support of our working associated companies. To maximise the returns to our clients in terms of expertise and cutting edge products and support, we utilise the extensive specialist experience of our team of experienced consultants:

Flowmore Services (USA)
Pipeline Pigging Products (USA)
Oz Safety Products (Qld)

Flowmore Services Inc & Pipeline Pigging Products (USA)

Designers, suppliers, fabricators of poly pigging products, and field operation of projects. They are the largest and most active pigging contractors in the USA. Regular consultants to Clearflow Australia.

Oz Safety Products (Qld)

Designers and manufacturers of workplace and environmental custom safety products and signage. A full range of safety products and services to aid compliance to Queensland and Australian Regulations WH&S, EPA, DGSM, ADG Code, AgSafe, ACDC , Electrical Safety Act, etc.

 By engaging in strategic alliances with associated oganisations, Clearflow Australia is able to offer its clients access to the "best of the best" in its field – locally, nationally and internationally.