Customer Testimonials

"The professionalism and flexibility shown by Clearflow to carry out this work for UGLK was a major part in this work being carried out and completed, the timescale we had in place to procure a pigging company's services was limited however David and his team responded instantly and provided the support we required to carry out these works on time and in a safe manner, hopefully we will work again in the not too distant future.".

John McShane - Field Site Manager | Esso Gas Plant, Longford VIC

"Your team has completed works and dealt with council staff and the public in a professional manner.  Job well done."

Gary Cain - Senior Technical Officer - Reticulation | Engineering | Water & Wastewater
Tweed Shire Council

"Thanks David.  I actually had someone tell me this week that the water tastes so much better now that they don’t need a filter, so that makes a nice change from all the complaints.  We will work through the areas you have identified and hopefully make the whole process a lot better for next time."

Deanne Eaton - Manager Water & Waste
Tenterfield Shire Council

"Considering the scale of this job and the number of shutdowns, there were very few problems. I put this down to your technical knowledge of the job and the detailed planning you carried out prior, which was very impressive. I appreciated the co-operation between yourself and me and I know others found you easy to work with."

Mick Hawtin – Senior Technical Officer Engineering
Lower Murray Water

Extremely impressed with the results and with the water quality now being delivered to the customer. Also grateful for the additional information Clearflow passed on regarding the reticulation system whilst undertaking the Air Scouring programme. This information is now registered and can be adjusted and recorded accordingly. 

Rupert Wall - Treatment Plant Co-ordinator & Works Supervisor
Gwidir Shire Council

We engaged Clearflow Australia to clean a raw water pipeline that had not been cleaned since being commissioned in 1990. Their professional approach and knowledge of pipeline pigging was proven with the successful cleaning of this pipeline. We would have no hesitation in utilizing Clearflow for this type of work again".

Shane Butler - Facilities & Services Overseer
Etheridge Shire Council

 Clearflow has recently completed an Air Scouring Programme in the Shire.

Thank you for the works you have completed so far; it is satisfying to see a job that can be time consuming and somewhat difficult at times being undertaken so professionally and without headaches being caused.

Kate Johnson - Projects Officer / Water Services
Banana Shire Council

Cowra Council was experiencing heavy water discolouration to the water supply to residents and a high number of customer complaints.

Clearflow Australia was engaged to Air Scour approximately one quarter of the existing length of water pipeline throughout Cowra Shire in an attempt to remove these contaminates.

Clearflow Australia presented themselves in a very professional manner by developing a well organised and well thought out works schedule.

Their data and information management systems are excellent which allowed council to develop some great public relations communications strategies and programs.

Due to Clearflow Australia's attention to detail and great customer focus very few complaints were received but a great deal of praise and support from residents for the work being done.

I can only but recommend Clearflow Australia to any possible client for the purpose of Air Scouring.

Wayne Bennett - Director
Cowra Council

Byron Shire had a major water leak in the main reservoir in the town of Mullumbimby. We did not want to dump any water and did not want an internal entry if it could be avoided. I contacted Clearflow Australia to see if they could assist. After the initial inspection Clearflow were confident in solving the problem and proceeded with the repairs. It took 3 visits to the site; the first 2 ensuring the leak had at least slowed the 3rd and final visit to seal completely the problem area. 

Clearflow's procedures were well thought out and executed. They avoided internal entry, removing risk of contamination whilst covering all O H & S issues safely, all resulting in a successful operation.       

Neil Ulrick - Distribution Coordinator
Byron Shire Council

Byron Shire improves water quality readings in Mullumbimby with the help of Clearflow Australia.

Ray Collins - Water and Sewerage Co-ordinator
Byron Shire Council

Wingecarribee tackles dirty water problems in Bowral, using Clearflow Australia.

Dirk Jol - Reticulation Co-ordinator / Water&Sewerage
Wingecarribee Shire

 If you told me your process was going to save me 15% per cycle I would have told you to go away, and stop kidding yourself.

Mark Tonkin - Operations Supervisor
Sunstate Cement Ltd

Clearflow’s approach reduced customer complaints and located damaged valves and missing hydrants. They were very helpful and informative throughout the contract, even re-programming some of the operation to better suit customers’ needs. 

Errol Statham - Water Supervisor
Ipswich City Council

We were impressed by Clearflow’s professional approach to all aspects of the contracts.

Peter Vievers - 
Gold Coast City Council

I was impressed with Clearflow’s ability to work with Council to minimise disruptions to our customers.

Greg Alford - 
Tweed Shire Council

Your company has set the standard for others to follow in any further water main cleaning projects to be carried out by Wingecarribee Shire Council … your company provided informative technical advice and demonstrated a very high level of customer service. Your report on the project was thorough and most helpful. Congratulations on, and thank you for a most successful project!

M J Brearley - Water and Sewerage Manager
Wingecarribee Shire Council

… a very impressive operation – for an increase in production cycles as high as 15% is a great saving to plant operations .. we fully endorse this method of increasing flow rates and cost savings in daily production!

Michael Sygrove - Consulting Engineer
Connell Wagner, Brisbane

I have found them to be punctual, reliable and the work is completed on time. The advice and service from the staff of Clearflow Australia has been of great assistance to Ipswich Water.

Scott Krause - Operations Engineer
Ipswich Water

They approached their work in a logical and thorough manner and not only cleaned the reticulation but logged all problems to ensure Council had a record of all remedial works required. This has led to a far more structured maintenance program ... it is comforting to know that Council's reticulation system will be cleaned regularly with a minimum of fuss and it will be done well ...

David Hume - Asset Manager
Cootamundra Shire Council