Value Adding

It is policy of Clearflow to Value Add to the work undertaken. A programme of Air Scouring or Pigging not only gets the internal pipelines clean, it highlights any irregularities of the assets within the reticulation system. It is important during our operation all water flows are confirmed. All valves must be in the correct position and if they are not, or if they do not comply with the maps supplied, they are identified and marked before or as we proceed. This is the time to take advantage of these circumstancescorrect the reticulation system maps, identify faulty, broken, covered, inadvertently closed or buried valves and hydrants, and confirm water flows within the system.

This is value adding to Clearflow Australia’s Air Scouring and Pigging Maintenance Programmes for Councils and clients. It is part of Clearflow’s portfolio when contracted, to enhance our services and provide a complete refurbishment of the water reticulation system in accordance with what is in the ground and the corresponding maps and documents.